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Web3 is full of noise

When you're trying to build something great, focusing on your work is paramount. But web3’s very nature makes it almost impossible to do that. Enabling transfers of value comes with noise from speculation, volatility, hacks, all detrimental to the quality of your work.

Web3-fluent talent is scarce

Web3's complexity & jargon, new work paradigms & tools, and brand new job categories are preventing talent from easily adapting & flourishing in the space. The web3 talent pool is both fragmented and small.

Surround yourself with the right people

Jericho is all about people. People meeting and learning with each other. People finding each other and building together. Whether it’s operators, freelancers or founders - we're all builders. And we all have our role to play in this great online game.

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Jericho is a global, exclusive, community-first experience.
We select highly determined & talented people via a simple process:

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100% value. 0% noise.


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Game on

Our mission is to turn work into play.


We’re building Jericho for those who relentlessly shape the future & we’re doing it together. The community is a core feature.


We believe dreams are nothing without actions. Quests are Jericho's gameplay.


We're hungry dreamers who have been part of world-class startup founding teams. We've significantly contributed to the 0 to 1 success of Sequoia & YC-backed companies. 


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