Operation 3

Demystify web3 & land a job in the space.

2022's web3 is 1998's web in terms of adoption curves.
It’s both the most exciting & the most frightening moment to jump in.

Fortunately, Jericho & Alven designed a program for web2 talent interested in landing a web3 job, but not knowing where to start.

The mystical web3 land

Web3 isn't an industry.
It's the future of all the industries.

Programmable alignment and liquid ownership opens up revolutionary opportunities in every single market. New paradigms, business models, incentive mechanisms, & so on are far from being established. Web3 is the most exciting place to be, right at the edge of major technological and cultural shifts.

It's still early to jump in.
But it's geared towards explorers - those who want to shape the future.

Would you have stayed at Walmart in 1998 instead of joining Amazon?

Program Design

Cost: Free
Duration: 6 weeks
Application deadline: May 25th 2022
Starting date: May 30th 2022

Meet peers, demystify & learn about web3, and talk to tier-1 organizations across different stages and industries.

Exclusive community

We select the most talented & motivated operators to join Operation 3. No need to be actively looking to switch jobs on the short-term.

Actionable learning

We'll onboard you smoothly to web3: Curated resources, mentors from web3 projects, & peer-to-peer community learning.

Relevant matching

We're not paid by our partners. We grow the pie & play a positive-sum game by bringing great operators to web3.

Our Partners


Who is the Operation 3 for?

We’re looking for experienced (4y+) operators who are or have been working for a fast-scaling tech company. No web3 knowledge is required, but a strong and demonstrated motivation to discover web3 is. A growth mindset and a team-player approach are a must.

Is there a cost to the program?

The program is 100% free, both for the candidates and for the partners.

How is the program designed?

Operation 3 is remote, part-time, and mainly async (except for workshops). We will use a combination of Discord, Notion, and Gather as coordination tools.

You will gradually learn the basics of web3 (decentralization, blockchain tech, user experience, community building, tokenomics, DeFi mechanisms, and game design) in order to navigate the value chain and the codes of the industry

Concretely speaking, you will have:

  • a community of peers for cohort-based learning
  • 1-2 workshops a week from our partners
  • on-demand access to mentors from our partner companies to answer your questions
  • at the end of the program, we’ll match you with the partner companies depending on the best fit

What can I expect from the program?

At the end of the program, you will have learnt the basics of web3, in order to be able to join a web3 company. It’s the best use of your time to learn about web3 alongside hand-picked peers and mentors.

What is the selection process like?

  • Application form
  • First screening from our team
  • 15-minute call
  • Final selection